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Photography Real Estate Agencies

We not only offer the services of real estate photography.

In our corporate photography section, you will find information about how to promote your office and your staff in the work environment, giving a professional image of the services and products offered. Know moreĀ 3d floor plans

Perspectives in real estate photography

We use wide-angle and other lenses to achieve different interior and exterior views.

Due to the optical configuration, the full angles comprise a higher proportion of the objects to be photographed. For this reason, it is essential to use the whole edge in both indoor and outdoor photography providing more visual field making the total of an interior visible.

It also exaggerates perspectives and is used in exterior and architectural photographs revealing the grandeur of construction. For details we use telephoto lenses or macros, highlight the feature and blur the rest of the scene.

Professional retouching services

The photo retouching improves the quality of photography and enables the composition and creation of an image from several photographs.

In the digital age, most advertising and commercial photographs have been treated through computer programs to achieve results far superior to the original image.

Once the image is captured in digital format, it contains a significant amount of information invisible to the human eye. With appropriate restoration techniques, we will enhance all the non-visible knowledge and provide high-quality photographs regarding color, focus, and composition. Photo retouching is much more than just a photo adjustment. It involves eliminating unwanted elements, adjusting the lighting, focusing, distortion of images, etc.