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What things to photograph when moving into a new home

Finally, you are moving to your new home. Aside from packing and securing all your belongings before moving to your new home, there is one thing you should do, that is taking pictures. Taking pictures of your valuables before moving is essential for a number of good reasons. We will discuss below why you should not pack your camera just yet.

Taking pictures before removing and saving your time and money. It can also be a way of protecting your belongings. Plus you can save yourself from stress along the way. No matter how professional, experienced and careful your movers are, accidents can happen anytime during your move. If this happens, it would be best if you are prepared because if not, you won’t be properly reimbursed of the damage.

So here are the things that you should take photos of when moving.

Valuable items

Before the movers arrive and pack your items, take photos of your belongings that you seem too valuable. Examples are furniture, appliances, electronics and other items that you think would cost too much if they get damaged and repaired. Before you let the professionals handle these items, take photos of them as proof of their conditions.

When these items get damaged during or after the move is complete, these photos will be your proof that the damages were incurred under your mover’s possession. Once you have proven your claims, you will receive proper reimbursement from the moving company.

Electronic devices 

Take quick photos of how your electronics are wired up before you remove their wires and pack them. Take photos of the back of your TV, audio equipment, computers, gaming devices and other gadgets that use plenty of cable wires coming in and out from them.  Make sure to snap photos from different angles before you disconnect those wires.

The photos will be your good visual reference so you won’t have a hard time connecting the wires and cables property once you are in your new home. Without the pictures, you may have a hard time before you will be able to figure it out or worse, you would end up connecting them the wrong way and thus damaging them for good.

Existing damage

If you think this tip is not necessary, then think again. Take pictures of the existing damages of our valuables – from stains, dents, scratches, cracks or missing parts prior to your move. After the move, you may find added scratches or broken parts in your belongings. And if this happens, your movers can’t claim that the damages were already there before they took your things. Sure they can make a claim on that but you’ll have photos to show that there the damages were worsened during the moving process.


You cleaned-out room

Getting your deposit back once you move out is crucial that is why you need to conduct a thorough cleaning on your space before moving out. Trust us when we say that there are landlords who would love not to give your deposit back to you. Taking pictures of your old place before you leave is a great way of keeping evidence of the condition of the place before you left. It can help you defend yourself in case your landlord will make false claims of damage to the property. 

So what if you indeed cause damage to the property? As much as possible, repair them. Fill in the nail holes you made, fix the windows and blinds, make the bathroom clean and shiny and so on. Take pictures of those damages too, whether repaired or not so your landlord won’t be able to charge you high for some minor damages. 

Your new place

Before bringing your belongings into your new place and unpack, take out your camera and take pictures of everything, not only the existing issues in your new place. Why? Some areas of your new home are prone to damage during the move-in process. Your movers may accidentally ruin your doors, light fixtures or tear the carpet. So if you have photos to show to back up your claim that the movers did the damages, you will not be responsible to pay for repair or replacement of the damage. If there are existing damages, your pictures will be your proof that you are not the one who caused those damages. 

Before you move, you may have conducted a building inspection mornington on the property. Part of the building inspection process is the professional inspectors will examine every area of the house and take pictures of pre-existing conditions of the property such as issues on plumbing or electricity systems. You can show these photos to your new landlord or the owner of the property so necessary repairs will be done without you paying for it.

Utility metres

Take photos of your utility metres both from your old home and new home. Make sure you have a clear shot on the readings. This is important so you won’t be charged unfairly for utility usage. Most utility companies charge their customers based on estimates. This means if their baseline reading is not accurate then your estimated usage will be off too.

It is also common to have lags or overlap on customer accounts. You may be charged for another individual’s utility usage. Taking pictures can save yourself if such a situation happens.

Taking pictures of these important things can make your move smooth and avoid headaches in the future. However, you must not forget to timestamp your photos. Imagine having a picture of your old place in great condition and your landlord won’t give you back you deposit money claiming some damages. And if you show the picture, the landlord will claim that you took it before you caused the damage. Or you find some scratches on your belongings and your movers claim that those are already present before they arrive since the picture has no timestamp. That can be a real headache right?